About Us

Counseling Research Institute of Kenya (CRIKE) is a fully registered Public Benefit organization (PBO) operating in Kenya. The organization was officially registered in May 2009. The organization deals with Research, Training and Capacity Building, Psychological Counselling and programs in areas of  Health, Education, Youth and Children.

Since its inception the organization has been conducting fruitful programs in schools, churches, corporate organizations and colleges. The programs includes capacity building in psychological counseling, work relations,leadership, dynamics of attitude development and  performance, parenting and school discipline. The workshops have proved successful and beneficial to all participants.

The organization conducts professional training in psychology, counseling, community development and information technology. The courses are tailored to meet the current demands of the society. The training is conducted by highly qualified professionals to ensure quality graduates.
The organization affiliates trained professional counselors (registered by KCA),to offer counseling services to our clients.There are many people with issues that need specialized help but do not know where to go for help. This is why the organization has developed online counseling consultation and referral services.
Finally the organization networks with other organizations with similar objectives and services in Kenya and beyond.

Our Vision

To be a prominent institution in Counseling Initiatives, Training, Research and Innovations

Our Mission

Conducting research in hitherto neglected areas, disseminating the findings, empowering society through training, counseling and innovative approaches in minimizing the adverse social - economic challenges

Core Values

Our core values are team work, integrity, confidentiality, Professionalism and excellence. This core values forms the basis of our programs and services.

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