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Boy - Child Mentorship Initiative

Am writing this with great empathy for our sons. Men spend much of their time and efforts making wealth without creating time for their sons who are expected to replace them as future fathers, husbands, leaders and professionals in various fields.

Women, media and international donors have invested heavily on girl. - child empowerment with great success. Gradually the Boy - child has been neglected and left to navigate life like sheep without shepherd. Many boys are sinking in identity confusion by adapting feminine behaviours. They get frustrated due low self - esteem. The rate of boy cold school drop out increasing. Recent data on school enrollment show that in some counties there more girls than boys completing in primary and secondary education.


Advocacy to Address the Boy Child Crisis in Kenya

Recent headlines in our media have asserted that there is a problem with boys and young men in our country. There is a silent epidemic "Boys crisis" and a gradually growing new gap between boys and girls. Many adolescent boys are fairly doing well. They graduate from high schools, make healthy choices and reach adulthood prepared for world work but poorly prepared for family responsibilities.

Am concerned at the rate the boy child is being neglected. Our president is a man and father, his deputy too....majority of members of parliament, leaders in government departments and corporate bodies are men. Am not complaining but my worries is that the future of the boy child is bleak unless men in leadership join in this affirmative efforts of supporting the boy child in our country.


Mobile Phones Taking Control of Our Children

Mobile phones if well used can be of great benefit to children especially in enhancing their education and communication with family members. Children especially teenagers use mobile phones to increase their opportunity to bond with friends and organize their social life privately. However, mobile phones seem to have taken control of children life making caretakers worried.


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Our clients include

  • Boy - child / young men
  • Parents and family
  • Individuals with counselling needs
  • Schools / educationists
  • Faith based organization
  • Orphans and venerable children
  • Emerging adults in colleges and community
  • Government personnel
  • Corporate bodies personnel
  • Counselors and psychotherapist
  • Peer counsellors in both high schools and colleges
  • Researchers
  • Leaders and policy makers
  • Adolescents / Children
  • Mental health service providers

Our Vision

  • To be a prominent institution in Counseling Initiatives, Training, Research and Innovations

Our Core Values

  • Our core values are team work,  integrity, confidentiality, Professionalism and excellence. This core values forms the basis of our programs and services.

Our Mission

  • Conducting research in hitherto neglected areas, disseminating the findings, empowering society through training, counseling and innovative approaches in minimizing the adverse social - economic challenges




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